Will you be my friend?

Have you ever felt a friend in your teachers, whether at school, your hobby classes, coachings or your college? At some point in time, we need to see a teacher as a friend with whom we can confide in our fears, but is it possible? Are we ready to open up to our teachers without the fear of judgment or criticism? This is where the article breaks your mindset and will set you thinking.

Wouldn’t you want a safe place to let out your worst fears? You would want someone to understand that you are getting a panic attack, you would want someone to hug you when you cry and that someone needs to be a teacher. 

This is where the mentors of GCEC come in! The mentors here at GCEC are friendly and supportive, apart from studies you can approach them at any point in time and tell them what is bothering you! Doesn’t matter if you cry in front of them, they will console you and help you out. If you want them to take a stand for you, they will. I have encountered so many incidents where I find myself going to my mentor and crying out in front of him and he always consoles me in the best way possible.

You will not find yourself putting filters while talking to them, you will just tell them everything because they will make you feel safe in the best way possible. The key to this is assurance and trust which is built slowly but the day it is built it will be like there will be no barriers between you and your mentors.

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At GCEC, we have the mentor-mentee program, where each student is allotted a mentor and by a mentor, I don’t mean something related to your study, I mean a mentor to whom you can go and share stuff that is troubling you inside related to any topic. With their experience, they will guide you towards the right path and the main thing, your said things will be kept confidential. 

And today we need to be able to see a friend in our Mentor, and thereby I ask you “Will you be my friend?”

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