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    CFA Tute is your comprehensive solution to conquer the CFA exam and beyond. With our course, you gain access to live mentorship from seasoned industry experts who provide tailored guidance and support every step of the way. Our interactive learning approach ensures active engagement through discussions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, making complex financial concepts more accessible. Covering all essential topics outlined in the CFA Level I exam curriculum, including ethics, quantitative methods, economics, and more, our course offers flexibility with online access and the option to choose between self-paced study or live sessions. Plus, with exam preparation support including strategies, practice quizzes, and mock exams, you’ll feel confident and prepared come exam day. And the journey doesn’t end there – once you clear the initial level, we also offer preparation for CFA Level II and III, providing a seamless path to your ultimate CFA qualification. Join the community of motivated learners at CFA Tute and elevate your CFA exam preparation with expert mentorship.

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    Program Head

    Mr. Nikhil Gupta

    • Director and Academic Head, GCEC
    • Co-Founder, MAPyourskills
    • Ex Consultant, EY
    • Chartered Accountant
    • Masters in IT
    • Phd in Business Valuations
    Best BBA College, Best ACCA College in Jaipur, Top B.Com College in Jaipur
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    CFA Level 1
    INR 30,000
    Best BBA College, Best ACCA College in Jaipur

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