What is covered in BBA in entrepreneurship courses?

BBA in entrepreneurship program is one of the most actively growing courses in India because of the popularity of startups and students wanting to become entrepreneurs. This course covers a wide range of subjects related to entrepreneurship, business management etc. Some common topics covered in BBA entrepreneurship program are:
  • Introduction to entrepreneurship that includes an overview of the concept of entrepreneurship
  • Business planning that includes process of developing a comprehensive business plan
  • New venture creation that identifies and evaluates business opportunities
  • Small business management that includes topics such as financing, marketing, human resources, and legal consideration
  • Entrepreneurial Finance that includes specific financial considerations for entrepreneurs, such as raising capital, venture capital financing, angel investment, crowdfunding, and managing financial resources effectively.
  • Entrepreneurial Growth and Scaling introduces the strategies for scaling a business and managing growth like expanding operations, managing resources, strategic alliances, and franchising.
The course may vary depending upon the university and college that you are applying to. You can check the GCEC Global Foundation. Their comprehensive curriculum combines cutting-edge business strategies with hands-on experience, providing students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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