Today’s Positive News:Two Youths Of Rajasthan Started Selling Pottery And Home Decoration Items 6 Months Ago, Now A Business Of 1 Lakh Every Month

Clay pots are very special. Their use is beneficial in terms of environment and health. Nowadays their demand has also increased, but the real problem is about their marketing. These are neither easily available to the customers, nor do the artisans who make them get the right platform for marketing.


In Corona, the condition of these artisans has become even worse. Many artisans have to struggle even for two-time bread. In such a situation, Abhinav and Megha, who live in Jaipur, have started a startup to reduce the problems of these artisans. Started 6 months ago, this startup is marketing products made by small artisans in India as well as abroad. Due to this their business is also being done and the artisans also earn. At present Abhinav and Megha are doing business of more than one lakh rupees every month.


Both Abhinav and Megha are currently studying in their second year of graduation. Both are around 20 years old.


Business idea came up during project work in college



Abhinav says that we did not have any such business plan before. We got the project work to build an e-commerce platform in college. Then most of the students were developing the platform based on the products available in the market, but I thought of doing something new. Since childhood, I had seen the troubles of the artisans who made utensils out of clay. So we decided that we will develop an online platform to market their product.


In the year 2020, Abhinav and Megha started working on this project. He first started meeting the local artisans of Rajasthan. Understand their work and their problems. After research, they started listing their products on their platform.


Abhinav says that our project was appreciated in college. Our relatives also supported our idea. Then we realized that this project work can be turned into a startup.


Startup started at a cost of 50 thousand rupees


After doing research and field work for about a year, in the year 2021, Abhinav and Megha took 50 thousand rupees from their family and started their startup named ‘Mitti Hub’. They started selling the products of local artisans through their platform. He also got a positive response for this and within a few days he was also shortlisted for Atal Incubation Center.


Abhinav says that for years artisans have been making pottery. Their products are very special in both the look and quality level. That is why they are in great demand in big cities as well. All that is needed is to provide them the right platform. When people’s demand increased, Abhinav and Megha started expanding the scope of their startup. He contacted many artisans one after the other. added them to himself.


Marketing every product from home decor to kitchen use



Abhinav says that we have targeted only pottery, because most of the people especially in big cities have a good demand for them. We are currently marketing kitchen sets, utensils, tableware, planters and home decor products.


For this we have also focused on social media. Soon we will also enter the retailership market. Right now we are marketing through our website across the country. We have also tied up with some courier companies. We have also sent some products abroad.


How do they work, what is their business model?


At present, more than 200 artisans from many states including Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi are associated with Abhinav. All these artisans make utensils out of clay. Abhinav makes products from these artisans according to the demand of his customers and then markets them through his platform. This gives good income to these artisans.


Abhinav’s team consists mostly of students. They are divided into different groups. Some collect the product from the artisans and some list it on the website. After this, upon receipt of the order, its packaging and delivery is done.

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