Things That You Will Love And Hate About MBA: Pros And Cons

While looking for business schools or maybe while being in a business school you must have wondered what will you learn there and will it be even fruitful? Since your parents or guardians will be spending their money it is a serious concern. So, what can these schools or institutions teach you what the real world cannot?

Pros about MBA


1. Enhances your interviewing skills

For entering a business school you’ve to give an interview which might give an overview of how interviews are likely to happen. Being a part of a business school will make you comfortable with interviews. Interviews reduce your fear of interacting with new people and make you more expressive. Being cool, calm and collected is an important skill you will use throughout your life. In comparison,  it would have taken a long time to face this kind of experience in the real world with higher stakes.

2. True strengths will be tested

while doing MBA you will meet various people with various qualities and strengths. Till now in high school, we all have been on the seventh cloud but moving to a new place is a reality check. If you have always thought that you are “the smartest of all” then you’ve to adjust. You will perhaps get to know how bright you are in a true sense as compared to your peers.

3. You will find your interesting areas

The business world is way too big and that is why you never know what you experience at what time, where you find your areas of interest and what you are truly made for. And while experiencing different areas you set yourself up for a transition that would have been otherwise impossible or improbable.

4. You will gain credibility

Perhaps when you will leave for the real world, you will have the most valuable tool you will take with you is credibility. You never know where you lead to but am sure having this degree will be fruitful for you. No matter what you do and where you stand but leaders will always respect people who are credible businessmen and women. And combining the fact that investors will appreciate your MBA when you create your start-up in future.

5. Boost your confidence level

Speaking of levelling up your confidence, it is a must to interact with people and be courageous enough to persuade people about your opinion. It takes a lot to step up and speak for yourself and say something “worthy” of that room. While doing MBA you get along with new people every single day and this will serve you better in the future.

But everything has some pros and some cons. Since we have discussed the pros already let us move towards cons. Here are a few things that most people hate about MBA:

Cons about MBA


1. Value of an MBA depends on ranks

The place you go to study makes a huge difference. You will be given placement and your salary will be decided accordingly and soon you will be judged for your efficiency. So, if you are thinking to do an MBA make sure you search a lot about it and do it from a good place. So that you do not have to face complications in your further life.

2. Time-consuming

while pursuing MBA you might have to work on your projects or internships for several hours which means less time for socializing or maybe hanging out with friends & family and more of immersing yourself in your career. Every institution you work in will require another level of commitment. so, choosing an MBA can be time and energy-consuming.

3. Uncertainty

There is no such guarantee that after getting the degree you will immediately get a placement. You’ve to look for options and give interviews every day. You can be replaced very easily by other people if you are not efficient enough. So, there is a risk all the time of losing a job.

4. Crowdy

Many people are blindly following others which had made it all crowded and populated. Due to the availability of MBA’s on large scale everybody has started taking this course for granted.

Hence, we all have concluded that every coin has two sides: bad and good. But what matters is how willingly you are ready to do it. Diamonds are made under pressure.

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