How do I Build a Startup from Scratch

How do I Build a Startup from Scratch

You may have been in that situation where you had an idea for your business but can’t find answer to these questions, How do I Build a Startup from Scratch, Where to go, Is my idea worth taking the risk, Is it a feasible idea, etc., and you can’t really find a well-informed answer to them. You go on scribbling about number of different ideas and then striking out those ideas again and again. Don’t be disconcerted we’ll provide you with the solution.

We bring you a 2-day Ideation Certificate Programme where you will get answers to all your questions and also interact with experts in the start-up community. This two-day workshop will give you a way to a practical and calculative approach towards your idea.

Essential Elements of the Workshop

  1. Get an Introduction on Business Media Canvas,
  2. How do I Build a Startup from Scratch,
  3. Introduction to Ideation,
  4. How to evaluate a business idea, and
  5. Learn from real startup stories.

The Advisory Trio

How do I Build a Startup from ScratchDhanpatraj Dhariwal

Masters of Technology from IIT Delhi, is an experienced visionary and strategist. He has helped in restructuring of different organisations and is also crucial to their development. A Member of Advisory Board at CEO World, he is also a mentor at Start-up Oasis, Jaipur, Wadhwani Foundation, Bangalore and Ivy Camps, Bangalore and guides these institutions through his innovative insights and experiences about start-up ecosystem. He has Founded Vision 2025 – Outlook Change which trains individuals to deal with the challenges ahead in the business world. Make sure you connect with him and learn from his experience.

Puja Parekh

who is an MBA in Marketing is an excellent marketing strategist. She has lead a few marketing teams in different organisations and also has experience at executing operations at the ground level. As an enabler at Viridian E-spark she helps in building startups from scratch. Connect with her to get hands on valuable resources to start your own business.

Paresh Gupta

A topper from SRCC and an alumnus of London School of Business and Finance he has mentored more than 1000 start-ups. Positioned as a Country Lead at Headstart Network Foundation he has mentored startups who have successfully got funding of more than 2 – 3 crores. With an aim to help students and professionals he also gives Professional Career Advise, and has a connection of 50,000 people. Expert in making relationships he has huge network of mentors in the start-up community. A Specialist in Financial Management with experience of over 10 years He’s also a 3 times Tedx Speaker. As he’s an expert strategist make sure you connect with him to get a good take on your business idea.

I am sure you won’t miss this opportunity on 12th August at 9:00 a.m. and miss a chance to learn from the best in class mentors.

How do I Build a Startup from Scratch

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