7 Features of BBA (Hons.) in Financial Markets Program

If the constant movement of stock prices of shares and the Indices excite or amaze you, and you want to learn, master and earn through the knowledge of this market’s intricate movements, uncover the top 7 Features of BBA Hons in Financial Markets program that make it a gateway to a thrilling career in finance.

Features of BBA Hons in Financial Market

Industry Relevant Curriculum

The BBA (Hons.) in Financial Markets offers an industry-aligned curriculum. It covers not just the basics of business administration, but delves into specialized subjects like Portfolio Management, Derivatives Trading, Risk Management, and more. This blend of general and specialized knowledge sets you up for diverse roles in the finance industry.

Practical Exposure

Classroom learning is blended with practical experience in this program. You get to participate in live projects, industry visits, and internships, offering you hands-on experience in real-world financial scenarios. This unique blend of theory and practice allows you to translate your knowledge into tangible skills.

Exposure to Financial Tools and Platforms

One of the standout Features of BBA Hons in Financial Markets is the exposure to various financial tools and platforms. From Bloomberg Terminal to Reuters Eikon, there are various platforms that you can use to learn about the industry, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

Mentorship from Industry Experts

Listening to it directly from the horse’s mouth is always an added advantage as this program often features guest lectures and mentorship sessions from industry experts. These sessions offer invaluable insights into the financial industry, exposing you to real-world challenges, strategies, and industry trends.

Global Financial Perspective

Understanding financial markets is not limited to your home country. This program equips you with a global perspective on financial markets. It covers international financial markets, foreign exchange, international financial management, and global economic policies, enabling you to thrive in a global financial

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