BBA Hons. Financial Markets: Bridging Theory and Practice

Embark on a journey into the world of finance with our BBA Hons. Financial Markets program, meticulously designed to groom students for dynamic careers in corporate finance. This undergraduate degree stands as a pioneering venture in Rajasthan, blending theoretical insights with hands-on experiences, and utilizing live trading on the NSE platform, setting new standards in financial education. The program goes beyond conventional boundaries, offering unparalleled advantages for students seeking admission into prestigious MBA and postgraduate colleges in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Curriculum and NSE Academy Integration

Our curriculum, inspired by NSE Academy, is a harmonious blend of theoretical and practical courses. Students delve into a variety of financial topics, such as investments, financial engineering, portfolio management, corporate finance, and international finance. The program’s unique feature involves live trading on the NSE platform, offering students a firsthand experience of the stock markets.

CFA Preparation and Industry Standards

Students pursuing the BBA Hons. in Financial Markets are well-prepared for the financial industry, with a focus on passing the level 1 CFA tests. The course opens avenues in both public and private sectors, with graduates enjoying an average package of 5-7 LPA, aligning with industry standards.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Armed with practical and theoretical knowledge, graduates can venture into roles like investment bankers, risk managers, professional traders, credit managers, and portfolio managers. Immediate post-college opportunities include pursuing a CFA, providing a versatile array of job options.

Innovative Learning Experience

Our program stands out for its innovative learning experience, with a typical college day comprising 3 hours of rigorous academic study covering theoretical topics, followed by 4-6 hours of internship. This unique approach equips students with practical skills and prepares them for the challenges of the finance industry.

Unique Advantages of CFA at GCEC

  1. CFA Level 1 qualified students at GCEC enjoy the distinct benefit of GMAT exemption, easing the path for admission into top-tier MBA and postgraduate programs globally.
  2. With four attempts available annually (Feb, May, August, November), GCEC ensures flexibility for candidates to align their exam preparations with their schedules.
  3. The CFA exam at GCEC follows a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format, eliminating the stress of negative marking and providing a fair evaluation platform.
  4. The CFA program at GCEC goes beyond theoretical knowledge, fostering a deep and practical understanding of finance, preparing students for real-world challenges.
  5. GCEC ensures access to Kaplan Learning Material, a renowned international publisher, enhancing the quality and depth of education provided.

In conclusion, the BBA Hons. in Financial Markets at our institution transcends traditional boundaries, offering a comprehensive and dynamic education that prepares students not just for the corporate world but for a thriving career in the ever-evolving field of finance.

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