ACCA Fees Structure

ACCA is one of the oldest accounting bodies in the world which allows a student to become a global citizen. It has 7110 approved employers worldwide and is also applicable in 180+ countries. Our course, B.Com (Hons) in International Accounting provides a student with multiple degrees at the end of their 3-year graduation. Students can apply for B.Sc. in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, UK after completing 9 papers of ACCA. After completing the 36 – Month Practical Experience Requirement (PER) along with all the 14 papers they can also apply for M.Sc. in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. We also provide an exemption of 7 ACCA papers from F1 – F7. Below is our ACCA Fees Structure, which is affordable and the best in Rajasthan with competitive pricing.

Fees Structure

All relevant fees shall be payable before the start of every semester.

ACCA Exam Fees may be different for each ACCA subject except for papers exempted in our graduation degree (F1 – F7) and is subject to change according to ACCA.

*Fees stated above are only related to tuition fees charged by the university and exclude all fees and costs related to ACCA Subscription fees, ACCA exam fees, University of London and Oxford Brookes University and other related fees which are optional. It is subject to change according to ACCA.

Different Modes of ACCA Fees Payment

  1. Cheque, or
  2. Online Payment Transfer

Mandatory Details to be provided by the students

  1. Name of the Account Holder
  2. Bank Name
  3. Account Number and
  4. Date of Transfer

Students should provide us with a copy of the cheque/ deposit receipt/ online transfer snapshot immediately after successful payment so that the receipt can be issued as soon as possible.

About Us

Our vision to create GCEC) is to bring a change in the traditional education system of India by emphasizing Practical Learning alongside theoretical learning. Courses provided by us have a unique structure and evaluate students based on their training as well as the marks scored by them in their final exams. Our courses provide necessary activities, internships, which are mandatory for the overall development of the students to stand apart from the crowd. We have also partnered with many institutes, organisations and firms which provide mentor-ship in their respective fields.

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