The Importance of Mentors in Startups

No matter how noble the aim, no matter how dedicated the student; he will always be bested by his mentor nonetheless. 

The strategist is often the one who has fought ample times in the battlefield, who has shed enough blood that he now has wisen, that he now knows the consequences and rewards of stepping foot into the battlefield. 

In the entrepreneurial world where each day new ideas are aborning, the figure of a Mentor is often termed as one of the most influencing and essential. Every great entrepreneur that you look upto, has one common factor and that is, having a good set of Mentors to guide them along each step.

A Mentor plays a critical role in every business, a Mentor helps entrepreneurs in answering specific questions, figuring out solutions to specific problems, tackling certain hurdles with their knowledge and contacts harvested over the years.

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Guidance by a mentor opens your vision to a whole new array of possibilities. Having a mentor is one of the most efficient ways to transfer wisdom and knowledge from a person to another and implementing it all together, now that is some good multi-tasking. A Mentor due to their incomparable experience has great amounts of contacts as well, those contacts can be eternally beneficial to you and your new startup, provided that you efficiently use them to your aid.

Overall, a Mentor is like a father figure to a newborn startup, and is equivalent to those manuals which tell you where to place every piece to build a good piece of furniture.

You must learn and bear fruit of the wisdom a mentor provides. If not, there is a high possibility that due to your lack of knowledge, you could be slapped just like Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, not literally of course.

Just like the high possibility of you getting slapped duly for your ignorance, there is a high level of experience at GCEC. Mentors with tons of wisdom and knowledge guiding aspired individuals towards a better future, where most likely you won’t be slapped and will get to learn, to flourish under brilliant guidance.

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