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    About BBA(Hons.) in Entrepreneurship


    BBA(Hons.) in Entrepreneurship is a four-year undergraduate business management programme. Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, the latter being a person who, through innovation, financial and business acumen, turns ideas into economically beneficial products and services.

    In recent times, the number of entrepreneurs in the country has significantly increased. Almost every day, these entrepreneurs come up with different business concepts and inventions. The rising of entrepreneurs isn’t confined to a specific sector; it’s affecting nearly every sector in India. India is ranked third in the world in terms of the number of startups it has. With such high numbers, the Indian government has initiated a range of initiatives to help and encourage the startup industry. Many universities have acknowledged its importance and have established BBA Entrepreneurship courses to teach all students the techniques

    Why choose BBA(Hons.) in Entrepreneurship?

    It is a course that teaches you the skills you’ll need to succeed in the business world. The course, however, does not only assist students in the growth of new businesses, but also in the modification of existing ones. Pre-existing businesses are generally developed for a long time and need a fresh perspective on their business model, which is where a student with a BBA Entrepreneurship can benefit.

    The daily college curriculum is designed to provide students with learning from both worlds theoretical as well as practical that involves 3 hours of rigorous academic study covering theoretical aspects followed by 4-6 hours of internship. GCEC focuses more on practical learning rather than books for the holistic development of every individual. There are compulsory 3/4 years of internship to make the students ready for the outside world and also groom their skills so that they are better than all others out there.

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    Program Structure

    Course Duration: For BBA with Major in Entrepreneurship - 3 Years
    For BBA(H) in Entrepreneurship - 4 Years
    Minimum Percentage Required: 60% in 10+2 from a recognized board.
    Age: should be between 17 to 25 years.
    BBA (Hons.) Entrepreneurship Employment OfferingsAverage Salary: BBA Entrepreneurship in India earns INR 4L+ per annum
    GCEC students has been offered an average salary package of INR 4,00,000 with the highest package being INR 12,00,000
    Employment Roles: Assistant Manager, Business Consultant, Business Reporter, Commercial Banker, Executive/Office Assistant, Finance Controller, Franchise Operator, Customer Relationship Manager, Sales Manager
    Specialize in Management (MBA) – MBA is the most popular choice for a BBA graduate. The course takes you one step further in the management stream and builds on the basic principles that a student is taught in the BBA course.
    Start their own Business – Most of the students from GCEC College start their own business. From 1st year of college students start to consider gaining experience before starting the business, whether that be through volunteer work, apprenticeship, internship, or general work experience.
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)- For those looking to pursue a career in academia, then a PhD is an essential qualification which will allow them to both continue their research, and to teach University students.
    BBA (Hons.) Entrepreneurship Selection Process
    Selection for the four-year entrepreneurship programme will be based on grades in the 12th grade, followed by individual results in the following enrolment rounds.
    Case Study Test: Students would be given a business-oriented case study which they would be required to solve within a given time.
    Personal Interview: An interview would be conducted by our team and the student must be present for it at the allocated date and time.
    BBA (Hons.) Entrepreneurship Course Fee Structure
    REGISTRATION FEES: Rs. 3,000/- (Fees for Application & Entrance Process (non-refundable)
    TUITION FEES: Rs. 50,000/- per semester (Payable every Semester in Advance)
    EXAM FEES: Rs. 3,000/- per semester (Payable every Semester in Advance)
    ALUMNI & DEGREE FEES: Rs. 3,000/- (Payable only once at the Time of Admission – refundable)
    SECURITY DEPOSIT: Rs. 7,500/- (Payable only once at the Time of Admission – refundable)
    BBA (Hons.) Entrepreneurship Career & Job ProspectsFor fresh graduates in the industry, there are various job opportunities after completing a BBA.
    a. Industry/Sector Type:
    The Auto Industry, Business and Finance, Consumer Tech, Mobility Tech, E-Commerce, Online Business, Telecom, Hospitality, Customer Service, Healthcare, Tourism.
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