Impact of Pandemic on Business School Internships and Jobs

Impact of Pandemic on Business School Internships and Jobs

The internship is a period of time in which students get the experience of working under guidance. Internships offer valuable opportunities for students to gain practical experience, to enhance their skills and knowledge, and also leads to personality development. Internships also help the individual to find the areas of their interest. Internships help the students to also gain new skills. Internships help the upcoming entrepreneur to work closely with startups and understand things more clearly. They came across different B-Plan ideas and got a glimpse of how to become a good entrepreneur and how things work. Here in this article, we have mentioned about Impact of Pandemic on Business School Internships and Jobs.

In the present scenario of adversity, it’s arduous for universities and colleges to provide good internships and jobs to the students. Due to the pandemic, so many people lost their jobs around the world. Getting a Job or internship or arranging for the students for universities or college is an arduous thing. According to the graduate management survey council still, there are ample opportunities for internships but this time norms are different. Recruiters are having a high expectation for next year and are optimistic about their assumptions. Thus this is another Impact of pandemic on Business School Internships and Jobs thereby career planning of young ones and disturbs their goals.

According to the survey, the pattern of internships has been changed. Most of the internships due to pandemic have been moved to the online platform. Most of the internship’s starting dates have been delayed while some companies have removed the number of interns they’re hiring. Due to the pandemic business schools are facing problems to get their students placed. Almost every industry has faced losses except Pharma, insurance, etc. Not only students but even recruiters are also facing problems. The unemployment ratio of the countries has been increasing and is increasing day by day. The reputed business schools are even facing issues to get their outstanding talent to get placed with good pay and positions.


In brief, the pandemic has changed the lives of several people, changed their career plans, and acted as a barrier in their path of life. It does not create trouble for only students but business schools, universities, and colleges also. The mode of internships and jobs have been transferred virtually (online platform), several people also lost their jobs, and students either lost their internships or facing issues to get or continue virtually their internships. But still, there are ample opportunities for internships but this time norms are different. Some good Business Schools are able to arrange virtual internships for the students but students are still facing issues while doing work due to the lack of guidance.

The pandemic thus impacts the internships and jobs but also creates ample opportunities with new norms. In conclusion, we have discussed all the most significant aspects Impact of Pandemic on Business School Internships and Jobs.


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