What’s The Best Way To Do Well In ACCA?

ACCA is one of the top-valued professional courses and has its own importance which attracts a huge number of aspirants to pursue the course. Since this course is an international one, has its own difficulty levels too. Here in this article, we have mentioned the best way to do well in ACCA Exams & Secrets of ACCA Exam Success.


Take your own time to decide your strategies before going through the syllabus. Try to find out your weak points and strengths. Do not wait for the results of the previous ACCA exams and start preparing for another exam. Because if you wait then your precious time would be wasted. Make a timetable by mentally nodding with the topics which require more time and less time and also by mentioning your other things. Must make the timetable flexible and realistic.

Familiarity with syllabus and structure

For making your knowledge deep and understanding concepts more clearly. Firstly, go through the syllabus and examine the topics. Studying for ACCA exams provides you great knowledge through the materials available. It is a must to cover all the topics thoroughly.

Why ACCA is better than other Professional Degree

Examiner’s Approach Interview

Examiner’s approach interviews are available on the ACCA website, go through them and get an insight into what the examiner wants. This would also help you know important aspects of the syllabus. There should be a desire to perform well in ACCA.

ACCA Approved Study Texts

It is necessary and you must go through the text along with notes provided in coaching. The study material provided is thoroughly reviewed by ACCA. The study material covers each topic and also changes are updated whenever it is required by ACCA.

Objective Oriented Approach

Set your goals daily and try to achieve them. The goals you set must be according to your progress and helps you in succeeding in ACCA exams. E.g. – Set targets of completing the chapters or topics rather than hours.

ACCA Practical Experience Requirement


Try to understand each concept thoroughly and note each and every point. Deep knowledge is necessary for ACCA exams because you can solve questions only when your concepts are clear. It is also important to clear concepts from starting otherwise you might face problems in advanced exams.

Seek Help

If you are facing a problem in understanding the concept or topic don’t feel embarrassed in asking your teacher or batchmate. Don’t leave any topic and clear your doubts without any hesitation.

Past Paper Practice

When you are done with your study text and exam kit questions then you must look forward and solve the previous year’s question paper. The question paper will enhance your time management skill in the exam and stress management too. ACCA students are indeed lucky as model answers are also available for the past year’s question papers. The past year’s question paper practice is very helpful and a good source for the students to gain insight into the question paper and structure.

Examiner reports

The Examiner report highlights the common mistakes done by students in the exam and it is published on the ACCA website after exams. It is actually a good source of information for students to see the mistakes made by others and do not repeat them in the exam.

Marking Schemes

It helps you in knowing the number of points that need to be mentioned in the question and how to write in a proper format. Assist your marking scheme while solving the past year’s question papers. It will help you in analyzing your mistakes and will guide you also.

Exam Paper Analysis

While going through question papers, look at the trend. Example – which questions are asked frequently. The important topics that are repeated most. It doesn’t mean you may leave the topics in which questions are not asked. Analyzing the question papers helps you to have a good command of important topics. Do not try to eliminate topics on your own by the misconception of unimportant.

Examiner Analysis Interview

On the website of ACCA, an interview is published detailing the examiner’s point of view indicating the weak points of students and coming exam focus. This interview helps the student a lot of guides on how to improve their performance in the next examination.


Do sufficient study and give time for revision as well. Studying before 2 or 3 days of exams is not a good option. Study well from the beginning itself and do ample amounts of revision also. Revision helps in understanding the topic more clearly every time. While studying make your own notes which might help you during examinations when you don’t have much time to go through study text.

Sleep well before the exam

Have you ever got the feeling of forgetting everything before the exam? It comes when you might don’t get a good sleep. You must sleep well before the exam because sometimes due to lack of sleep you might not be able to focus on the exam. It results in anxiety and your results might be affected. Better sleep will give you refreshment and you will be able to perform in exams well.

Panic Control

Keep yourself stress-free. Do not take much tension and control your nervousness. Sometimes your nervousness gives you a negative thought and you automatically make mistakes. So be positive and have trust in yourself. By clear mind write your exam, in brief without any tension or stress. This is one of the most important and Best Way to do well in ACCA.

Reading Time

The time allotted for reading questions must be used wisely. In 15 minutes just go through the paper thoroughly. It will help you in structuring the answers well in advance. In professional stage examination, this time can help you in selecting the optional question.

Answer to the point

First of all, read the question carefully and understand what the question is saying. Then answer the question to the point. The marking scheme of ACCA is specific so write your answer in a highly professional way and do not repeat the meaning by manipulating the language. Just write the answer in a straightforward way. Examiners also get impressed by the students who write different points rather than a few points which are lengthy.

Plan your answers

Write your answer in a well-organized way. Examiners appreciate the answers written in a structured way. It also makes an impression on the examiner. Also, ensure you don’t write unnecessary things as already examiners have lots of copies to check. The unnecessary details make the examiner irritated.

Do not leave any question unanswered

If you have a fear of not completing the paper then write the answer with important points instead of giving details. But do not leave any questions unanswered. Examiner will give you marks accordingly. Firstly answer the questions you know well then the question in which guessing is required.


When you sit for an advanced exam then it becomes impossible to complete your exam on time. If you left with some time then you must review the sheet. Firstly, make sure no question is left unanswered then start reading your answers.

After the exam

If you are left with the exam then do not waste time with your friends discussing the paper. What you have written you can’t change. So come home, take rest and start preparing for the next exam.

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