BBA will make you tons of cash. Here’s how!

BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration) is an undergraduate degree of three years. The degree is famous among the students who aspire to become Entrepreneurs. BBA  teaches the students about Business and Management Principles. It also provides knowledge about startups if you pursue BBA with a good university or college. In the current scenario, most of the students want to start their own business independently. Therefore, the BBA is the best option. Moreover, BBA gives the best insights into the skills required to begin as an Entrepreneur. If you learn BBA you can start your venture and make money. A successful startup makes tons of cash. You can learn about startups by learning BBA. Doing an internship along with BBA can help you to find your interest, skills, and personality development will also take place.

The Eligibility Criteria for doing BBA is 10+2 with an aggregate of 50%-60%.

If You are the one who wants to earn money while doing BBA. There are several ways of making money but being a college student there are certain barriers you should know very well. Which are –

  • Probably you don’t have money. So, you can make money either while learning new skills or holding existing skills.
  • Since you do not have any such professional skills or any experience but your professionalism is starting.
  • You should have a schedule with flexibility so that you can make it in between.

As you are a BBA student, You are lucky. People are generally curious to know how they can make money, instead of focussing on one skill you should focus and learn multiple skills. To know how things work you can use the profit press method. It provides a way to create important skills and help you to find out effective methods of earning money. It usually works in three platform-

  1. Platform – The first and important aspect is the platform how you can make money either online or offline and how?
  2. Skill – What are the skills required and do you have skills or not?
  3. Specialty – In which area you are expertise and what is the area of interest?


How can you make money? Firstly, you have to choose the platform.

For example –  If you decide to earn money online then you have to decide the way you can earn money like by starting a YouTube channel, Content writing, Digital Marketing, Freelancing, etc. If you decide to work offline then internships are best as they will enhance your skills, provide you a better view of working, and find out areas of interest.

Skill and Speciality

The next aspect is finding your optimal skill and specialty. For every work, you will definitely need a skill. So this is your responsibility to learn the skill (If you are lacking). The area in which you work is known as skill and the area of expertise is known as specialty.  The requirements or important aspects of this session is the skill you have must be rare (uncommon) and valuable (you can earn well). Moreover, try to get more skills with expertise and combine all to become unique with the best skills.

BBA helps you to get expertise in your skills. You can make money while doing BBA and after completion too. Being a BBA student you have a lot of areas for pursuing a career. For example – Human Resource Department, Sales Department, Research and Development Department, etc.


In brief, You can make tons of cash by doing BBA. After doing BBA or while doing BBA you can start your own business. Another choice you have to do the job after BBA (an average salary is 2-3 lakh annually).

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