A Day of Celebrations at GCEC

Is it really important to celebrate success? Well the answer is yes, every achievement needs a celebration irrespective of how small it is. Taking the time to recognize your achievements allows you the chance to pinpoint exactly what worked so that you can repeat it in the future.

GCEC strongly believes in cherishing every pleasant moment, turning joyous achievement into memories and celebrating success. Celebration boosts confidence levels and motivates achievers to do more and gives us a sense of achievement, it’s a great way of rewarding ourselves for a job well done. Ever since early man discovered fire and cheered an end to raw meat, celebrations have united human communities in honoring momentous events.


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On the 4th of march, GCEC started this amazing trend to celebrate the achievements of their students at the start of the month. The celebration started with all the students gathered together in Elites organized by the Student Council. The room was filled with the emotions of both happiness as well as surprise (obviously for those who have no clue).We were there to celebrate the achievement of students of BBA Entrepreneurship, Vishnu Kant Bhadauria got selected for his higher studies at the University College of London (ULC), Puru Thakkar was able to score funding of Rs.25 lacs for his startup- NYUS and Abhinav Agarwal got featured at the Red FM Jaipur for his successful startup- MittiHub .

A small cake cutting ceremony was organized by the happiness committee of Student Council for all the three achievers. Our founder, CEO Paresh Gupta facilitated all three students and gave his inspiring words “It doesn’t take much hope to make a difference. Once such a mindset is ingrained, the possibilities are unlimited. Brooding over the past and procrastinating about the future are both futile. Try living the present, because its “present” from God. I have seen their journey in the last three years, achieving so many things in their life and I’m so proud of these three.” After this the achievers came to give their token of thanks for everyone who was there to be part of there to celebrate and had ever been part of their journey.  

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